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A Summer Rental to Remember

Much of the home decor seen in these photos came from The Mayflower in Chatham. Take a peak at the pretty blue bowl, above.

As Decker puts it, the partnership between these two companies creates a “one-stop shop.” “Justin Blair and I have been friends since we worked together at Chatham Bars Inn in college,” explains Decker about the genesis of their partnership. “When I moved into the rental world, his own business was starting to morph into a sales, brokerage and construction company, and we decided to join forces. The goal is to be able to do anything with real estate on the Cape other than insure homes,” says Decker with a laugh. 

This rental home in Chatham is a shining example of all the ways in which the partnership between these two companies makes renting easy and enjoyable for both homeowners and renters.

Homeowners looking to jump into the rental business, or investors looking to acquire a rental property, can count on this unique partnership to remodel and outfit their home in a way that suits their goals and then to continue a communicative, trusting partnership throughout the rental process. “We work very closely with homeowners looking to renovate their homes in order to rent,” says Blair. “The process will ultimately result in a set of strategic improvements, which will enhance rental returns as well as the underlying asset value.  This takes the form of advising from general home layout, sleeping arrangements and amenities down to fit and finish, interior design and outfitting the house properly for rental guests.  The most successful renovations are the product of a trusting relationship with the homeowner and a shared set of goals for the property.  Not all rental properties are intended for 100 percent maximization of the fiscal return.  Some owners use rental income to pay for their costs to own the property so that their use is essentially free. Understanding the end game is essential for us to be truly effective as advisors.” And on top of all that, clients and renters can expect personalized attention and superior service and quality thanks to the selective nature of these two companies. It is truly the best of both worlds.

“In a wonderful collaboration with the new owners, we planned and executed a smart renovation project, which returned the home to its original glory—and then some.”

“This Chatham property is a shining example of everything we offer together with Monomoy,” explains Decker. After working with the owner to rent the property for years, he indicated his desire to sell, and Pretty Picky and Monomoy were able to find a buyer from their client base who then brought them on board to handle renovations and future rentals. “The project in Chatham was a dream,” says Blair. “In a wonderful collaboration with the new owners, we planned and executed a smart renovation project, which returned the home to its original glory—and then some.” “It was a classic balancing act of maintaining that classic Cape charm but bringing the home into the 21st century,” adds Decker. “Monomoy was able to make the character of the home shine while still being attractive to a modern audience. A lot of the homes we deal with are built specifically for an owner, but in this case the home was designed to appeal to a broad market since it was going to be a rental from the outset. Having that insight allowed us to be creative and come up with the ultimate vacation home for today’s market.” 

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