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Taking Flight

Taking Flight, Sept/Oct Cape Cod Life |

Meet the dudes behind these brews

Devil’s Purse Brewing

When Devil’s Purse Brewing Company co-owners, Matt Belson and Mike Segerson, are asked the secret to their success, they don’t hesitate to credit their better halves. “Mike and I were introduced by our wives,” says Belson. “Anything that’s happened since then is because of them. We started the brewery squarely on their shoulders—They’re to blame.”

For Belson and Segerson, a modest and understated tandem, it’s all about the beer—and always has been. When they first met in 2010, the men quickly bonded over their shared passion for craft beer and brewing. Soon, the families were spending weekends together as Segerson and Belson talked, brewed, and drank beer.

“We had an old home-brew kit that was collecting dust in the basement,” Belson recalls. “Mike had been making wine, so we decided to make beer together. We started in the kitchen, moved to the basement, and then expanded outside the house. We needed more space, and it quickly became an obsession.”

The effort quickly grew into a business as well. Like any small-business owners, Belson and Segerson wear many hats, whether it’s delivering beer to restaurants, bars, and package stores, or washing and stacking kegs. While both men make decisions together about what to brew, they’ve discovered that they have complementary skill sets, so Segerson acts as the brew master while Belson manages business operations.

“Ask me to balance a check book or deal with numbers, nuh-uh, that’s not my thing,” says Segerson. “The brew house is definitely my territory; it’s where my brain functions best.”

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Devil’s Purse Brewing Co. is at 120 Great Western Road in South Dennis. For more information, visit

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