Josh Linder

Josh Linder: e v o l v e | RESIDENTIAL

“Find someone—even if it’s someone that has their own firm—that you can sit down with and bounce ideas off of to really push yourself to try new things and to go for the thing that feels a little risky but ultimately is going to end in a much more exciting and sophisticated space.”

To evolve is to change. To change for the better, that is, to grow and to realize new potential. To designer Josh Linder, evolution is exciting, and it’s the driving force behind his work.

“I love to start a project first as an artist,” Linder says. “What that means is when I walk into a space, if a client suggests a concept that’s a conventional approach to either the way the furniture is placed or the way that the spaces are painted, my first thought is to step back and think about an opportunity to achieve the same thing but in a new way. How can we turn this upside down a little bit and shake it around? I’m always trying to create something that feels special and unique.”

For his Boston-based interior design firm, e v o l v e | RESIDENTIAL, the idea of evolution extends to the collaboration he shares with his business partners, Thomas Egan III and Rebecca Abrams. “We as partners are constantly bouncing ideas off of each other,” Linder says, “and are instrumental in pushing each other to go for something that might be a little out of any one of our individual comfort zones. Together we unite to push each other past that point.” In turn, this serves to benefit their clients, who get the best out of the design experience. “It’s so important to us at the end of the day that people know e v o l v e really is there to create something beautiful and stands behind what they create.”

What Linder and his partners create are vibrantly sophisticated spaces, sumptuous in color and texture and demanding of attention. “I think the signature thread that runs through all of our projects is that they are a mix of styles, whether that’s old and new or a mixture of multiple styles that creates something new, even in a traditional space,” says Linder. “We love to approach each new project almost as if it’s a film set, and then we’re like, what’s the next movie we’re going to create?”

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