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Next Wave: Jonathan Jaxtimer

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Writer: Haley Cote

Next Wave Jonathan Jaxtimer

Next Wave Jonathan Jaxtimer


Profiles on emerging young professionals in the local housing industry

Jonathan Jaxtimer, E.J. Jaxtimer Builder, Inc.

Jonathan Jaxtimer, 26, serves as head project manager for E.J. Jaxtimer Builder, Inc., the company his father started 40 years ago on the Cape. In our conversation with the emerging young leader, he talks about the dynamic of working in a family business and looks ahead to what’s next for the well-established Jaxtimer firm. -Haley Cote

CCH- Why did you want to get involved in the family business? What is the dynamic like of working with your brothers (Jamie, building foreman, and Sam, landscape foreman) and parents (E.J., president, and Terry, Jaxtimer realty trust), and how do you use that dynamic to your advantage?

JJ- I wanted to get involved in the family business in order to continue my father’s legacy. I’ve learned how rewarding it can be to see a project to completion and to watch each of our customers’ dream homes become a reality. I share this passion not only with my father but also with my mother and two brothers. I truly believe it is this dynamic that has made the company as successful as we are today. We all have different visions and ways of thinking but can always agree on what the next best move is for the company. When your last name is attached to every detail that goes into a project, you are truly invested in the outcomes.

CCH- What is the most important thing you’ve learned from your father, and what have you taught him?

JJ- Some of the most important things I have learned from my father are efficiency, honesty and communication. As far as what I’ve taught him, I’ve definitely brought a younger dynamic to the business, enhancing the company’s efficiency through the use of technology. Since I began working full time, we are now utilizing computer software for estimating and scheduling, allowing us to communicate quickly in an informed manner. The importance of honest communication that he has taught me, combined with efficiency that I have brought to the table, has given us a solid foundation.

CCH- Looking ahead, how do you see the company evolving under your leadership? How will you maintain the company’s legacy while guiding it through the next generation?

JJ- The Jaxtimer family has big plans for the future. We are going to continue to expand our horizons and bring in new, younger employees to prepare ourselves for the future. We have created a great relationship with Upper Cape Tech in Bourne and have several incredible young craftsmen that do their co-ops with us year after year during the school year. We will always maintain the legacy by delivering a superior product, while never sacrificing quality.

CCH- What words of advice do you have for young professionals like yourself looking to make it in the local housing industry?

JJ- To quote my dad, “The harder you work, the luckier you get.”

Haley Cote

Haley Cote is the assistant editor for Cape Cod Life Publications. A lifelong Cape Cod resident, Haley is an alumna of Barnstable High School and Cape Cod Community College. She holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Suffolk University. When she’s not writing, this self-described “pop culture junkie” also loves discovering new music and catching up on the “Real Housewives.”