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The Power of Gold

Three projects earn Gold BRICC awards and showcase the diverse capabilities of Longfellow Design Build.

Family is at the heart of Longfellow Design Build, both figuratively and literally. The company is somewhat of an extended family, with offices and showrooms in Falmouth, Harwich Port, Osterville, Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH, and Sandwich. Celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2022, Longfellow has grown to include over 130 employees with specialized roles that collaborate to provide a one-stop experience from architectural design and engineering to excavation and construction.

GOLD AWARD – Excellence in New Single Family Home Design and Construction: Barnabas Road

According to its website, this unique approach to building homes has its advantages, including the fact that “Overlapping the design and construction phases of the project can often significantly speed up the development process.” Owner Mark Bogosian further explains, “Although we’re happy to work with clients at any stage in the building process, we know that the most successful, cost-efficient projects happen when the homeowner, architect, designers, and builders work together as a team from start to finish.” And while Longfellow builds houses, the firm is known for crafting livable homes specific to each family—homes created and built around a family’s needs and interests. Bogosian states, “Our mission is to continue to build and design custom homes that reflect our clients’ desire for a Cape Cod lifestyle and elevate their quality of life.” 

As a builder, Mark Bogosian is something of a prodigy. He graduated from Boston College in 2009, launched Longfellow two years later, and has been expanding and collecting awards ever since. 

Bogosian developed a passion for building as a teenager while helping his father, Barry, build their family home in Auburn, MA. Mark learned the trade by working with his dad to remodel their own house. “Through that experience of working with my Dad, I discovered that I loved everything…

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