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Tailored to Fit

Holly Hudson lives a glamorous and busy life. She surrounds herself with objects of art and design—and people—that she adores.

GOLD AWARD – Excellence in Interior Design of a Private Residence

“Holly is incredibly creative, so talented, and just a delight to work with,” the homeowner says as she confirms her appreciation. “She really listens to what you want to accomplish; she’s not stuck in her ways or trying to push an agenda. And if she doesn’t agree with you, she’ll say ‘let’s have a conversation.’ She’ll give you a number of options and if you don’t like them, she’ll give you more. She really gets to understand you and your lifestyle, and she knows just how to work with it.”

Hudson first met the couple in 2017 when she volunteered as bartender for a community dinner her friend and assistant Bobbi Mersereau was hosting. The couple were among the guests at Bobbi’s home—a warm and inviting space Holly had helped design several years earlier. Bobbi’s home featured a unique custom-designed paneling that caught the couple’s attention. Later, they asked who the designer was. Soon after Hudson was standing inside their expansive Falmouth house where the homeowner says, “we wanted to make a home.”

Over the next few years Holly and her team worked on most of the home’s interior, including the front entry, the living and dining rooms, the master bedroom suite, and several other spaces. “One of the great things about Holly is that she’s very patient,” the homeowner shares. “She’ll move as fast as you want or take as much time as you like.”

The daughter of an Air Force pilot, moving every few years, brought Holly Hudson and her family to Cape Cod when her father retired. Her travels with her family gave her the gift of easily adapting to many different cultures, from… 

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