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Writer: Kathleen McKenna / Photographer: Danielle Robertson 

GOLD AWARD - Excellence in Outdoor Living Space Good Life New England confirms their creative ability to transform spaces as they take home four BRICC Awards. The Good Life New England Story Good Life New England has created a niche among clients who want to use their existing space differently. “There are lots of small houses that ‘live large’ and lots of large houses that ‘live small,’” says Angel Meader, who owns the company along with her husband Glenn. “It’s all about how the space was laid out originally.” The couple, who live in Hanover, began dating as teenagers at Hanover High School and now as adults they have become partners in both business and parenting. “We know each other very well,” Angel says with a laugh. “Anyone who knows us will tell you that. And we just balance each other out nicely. We have so much mutual respect between us.” On juggling the ever-changing demands of their business and personal life Angel says, the key has always been to “divide and conquer.” GOLD AWARD - Excellence in Outdoor Living Space “We look forward to seeing each other in the evenings and catching up on what happened with our current projects that day,” Angel says. “Even though we both try to keep a separation between work and home, work talk usually finds its way in, probably more so than with most married couples.” Glenn founded Good Life in 2013 after spending a decade with an upscale building/design company on the South Shore. During his tenure there he worked on projects that earned numerous awards and honed his talents for reimagining space that fulfilled his clients’ wishes while also maintaining the integrity of their homes. Angel’s background is in public relations, marketing, and human resources, and before joining forces with her…

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Kathleen McKenna