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The rich history of Chatham comes alive in this home… See for yourself!

The Pleasant Bay Overlook is the first project Patrick Ahearn and Craig Tevolitz have collaborated on, and Ahearn says, “The transformation of this house is really significant.” The approaches of the two firms aligned like the elements of fiction. Where the former laid out the premise and plot of the home’s “implied history,” the latter developed its characters. While there’s overlap between these elements, Tevolitz explains: “My approach is very empathetic. I’m not necessarily telling a story; I’m discovering the clients through the interior, really figuring out how they live, their style; getting into their heads and figuring out all the moments and opportunities for them to live in different ways.” Ahearn relies upon “non-ego driven architecture,” which is where his narrative approach really comes to bear. “It’s all about scale,” he says. “We need to look at context and history so that the home fits and stays quiet. This is all part of ‘the greater good theory.’” 

A paradox of storytelling is that humans dislike the unoriginal, but they love mythic structure, what Joseph Campbell termed “The Hero’s Journey.” Audiences relate to the hero’s call to adventure, to the road of trials, and to dark moments along the way, for inside each person resides a Luke Skywalker or a Katniss Everdeen, a hero working to achieve that next goal, to gain some measure of success and happiness. And yet, people want their stories to feel just as unique as they are familiar. Critics and audiences alike scorn books and movies that seem to pander, to wallow about in cliched ideas and characters. If a story feels too derivative, we discard it. Such is the mastery of the Pleasant Bay Overlook. Here is a work of art at once classic and known while simultaneously utterly fresh and original—just like the sunrise that the home invites inside each dawn.

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