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The Shriver brothers and their ties to the Cape

Anthony Shriver’s Best Buddies organization has more than 2,500 chapters worldwide and is helping change the lives of those with, and without, intellectual disabilities.

This generation of Shrivers has felt blessed to follow after their parents. Anthony credits Eunice and Sarge for allowing him “infinite possibilities, creative work, and to be able to do anything all over the world.” And while Mark has gladly followed his chosen path, he notes that “They never preached, never talked of legacy. They just got up and went to work, seeing the good in all things, whether sailing, working with Peace Corps volunteers, or with Special Olympics athletes. They got up because they didn’t consider it work.” More than anything, however, Tim, Mark, and Anthony are in agreement that beyond any of their career successes and accolades, Sargent and Eunice Shriver would be most proud of what they have all brought back to Hyannis Port, summer after summer—their families, and their children. Anthony notes, “They’d be super proud of what kind of human beings they are.”

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