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There are many great ways to exercise — at any age

Cape Cod Seniors are involved in a variety of sports and activities

Photo by: Shutterstock / Robert Kneschke

While Theriault has participated in other senior sports leagues, including Cape Cod Senior Softball and Basketball, he’s taken a step back in recent years. “Those leagues are for people 55 years and older,” he says. “I played in the senior softball league for five years, but you have to be pretty quick—those guys are pretty good. I still shoot a few hoops now and then.”

Elsewhere on the Upper Cape, a group of local seniors can be found playing in a co-ed bowling league on Tuesday mornings at The Lanes Bowl & Bistro in Mashpee Commons. Participants roll a few strings, share some laughs and enjoy coffee and a light lunch. Mashpee resident, Joyce Connors, 75, arrives for the bowling session each Tuesday morning after taking part in a local group exercise class. “We are bikers, we’re tennis players, and we’re walkers,” Connors says, “and you thought we were old. We are—but we’re still functioning.” Connors says her record bowling score is a stout 145.

Fellow Tuesday morning bowler, Monti Gilardi, 64, of Hyannis, says he enjoys the game—and while many of the men he bowled with during the winter have fled the lanes for the links this spring, he’s still sparing time to knock down a few pins. “It’s challenging,” he says, “and at the same time it’s a good workout, believe it or not.”

Mary Stanley also contributed to this article.

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