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Liberté, the Schooner

The Cape & Islands offer an endless variety of wedding venues, vacation options, and fun-filled daytrips

Courtesy of: Liberté, the Schooner

Many couples celebrate their weddings at venues around Cape Cod with beautiful views of the water. But how many have the chance to get married on the water, while sailing along the coast?

Over the years, about 100 couples have married aboard the Liberté, a stunning, three-masted schooner owned by Chris and Jane Tietje. Docked in Falmouth Harbor, the ship maintains a regular, summer sailing schedule, offering three tours daily. The Liberté is also chartered for special events, including on-the-water weddings. “First of all, you can’t beat the scenery,” says Jane, “and being under sail is awesome, too. Throw in a sunset, and it’s really spectacular.”

The Liberté measures 77 feet from bow to stern, is rigged with six sails, and has room for 49 passengers. “There aren’t many sailboats that can take as many people as we can,” Jane adds.

On the big day, the wedding party gathers at the dock, where a quick safety presentation is given. Setting off, most of the sails are raised, and the ceremony begins at the couple’s direction. For the ceremony, the couple stands toward the bow, offering guests on the deck a great view of the proceedings. After saying, “I do,” the newlyweds often raise a ceremonial sail together. A champagne toast follows, as does music, dancing, and dinner.

Jane says many couples charter the Liberté because they want elegance and adventure—and a casual setting. Sometimes, the wedding party decorates the ship beforehand, and “Hawaiian” has been a popular theme. For another wedding, a festive, four-piece bluegrass band performed throughout the reception. “It all depends on what the individuals are looking for,” Jane says. “We personalize each charter to exactly what they want.”

In addition to weddings, the Liberté hosts rehearsal dinners, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and other special events. “We’ve also had wedding proposals,” Jane says. “Those are always good, too.”

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