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These inns on Martha’s Vineyard are a must-see

Staying Home

The Hajjar family puts down roots in Edgartown, all while honoring their children

Raising a family can be a bit like tending a garden. It starts with the careful planting of seeds in a prepared environment. And as the roots begin to take hold and the tender shoots venture into the sunlight, a dedicated gardener takes care to protect them, nurture them as they develop, and finally support them as they begin to test their own strength. As they put forth their individual blooms and fruits, only then can the gardener stand back just a bit to admire the independent and singular contribution they are poised to add to the landscape.

The Sydney

For Chuck and Anne Hajjar, the husband-wife team of hoteliers of distinction in Edgartown, their properties are simply an extension of their family—literally. The proud parents of four unique and dynamic children, the Hajjars decided when they opened their first boutique property on the Vineyard in 2015, The Sydney, it would proudly be named in honor of their only daughter. Subsequent properties in the charming village were renovated, constructed and ultimately unveiled with the introduction of The Christopher, an addition to The Sydney and finally The Richard, all honoring the youngest of the Hajjar children. “I would have never imagined my life would include a career in the hotel business,” confesses Anne, who, as a trained mental health therapist, worked with battered women earlier in her life. “But I truly love this work. I am able to indulge my creativity as well as craft a successful business model. And the best part is that my children are witness to the entire process, and I think it has shown them how empowering the combination of hard work and passion can be.”

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