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These inns on Martha’s Vineyard are a must-see

The Christopher

Hajjar’s creativity and passion are immediately evident upon entering any of the unique properties. While she worked with a handful of interior designers on the various inns, it was Hajjar’s deft touch and interpretation of her children’s personalities through the décor that sets these three destinations apart from all the rest.

“When we acquired The Christopher, we had just returned from a family vacation in St. Barths and I was still feeling the effects of our special vacation. I wanted to create something completely fresh and different from anything else found on the Vineyard,” Hajjar recalls. Once guests push open the massive front door of The Christopher they are immediately transported, just as Hajjar had envisioned. Deep hues of turquoise and indigo, paired with phyletic, tribal-inspired wallpaper, greet visitors with an 18th-century colonialism associated with the islands of the West Indies. “I had the kind of global traveler who was used to a cosmopolitan sophistication in mind when we came up with the design,” Hajjar explains. 

The Christopher

Working with Boston designer Annsley McAleer, principal of Annsley Interiors, Hajjar was able to immediately distinguish the property from the usual and expected New England beach vernacular found throughout the island. Hand-blocked prints, Ikat patterns, and saturated color pairings ground the space of the antique 15-room inn and provide the true getaway Hajjar had envisioned.

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