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These inns on Martha’s Vineyard are a must-see

The Richard

When transforming the original eight rooms of The Sydney on North Water Street (formerly the Fallon Inn and now known as the Captain Charles Williams Fisher House at The Sydney), Hajjar teamed up with Hingham designer Robin Pelissier to apply the delicate and feminine persona of her youngest child and only daughter. The sophistication that defines everything Hajjar touches is still evident, but unlike The Christopher, The Sydney (whose name translates to Jewel of the Island) just seems lighter on its feet, in the same way a gathering of adults is suddenly lightened when a young ballerina, oblivious of serious discussion, dissects a cocktail party before toddling off to bed. A newly constructed building, designed by Patrick Ahearn, FAIA, was built behind the Captain Fisher House in 2018 and completes The Sydney’s offer of 14 additional guests rooms with private baths, all graced with the dulcet and convivial touches evocative of its namesake; this time with the design credited to Boston-based designer Rachel Reider.

The Richard

Next on Upper Main Street, The Richard was born. True to established precedent, this 16-room property is a personification of the unique characteristics of its eponym, a name long associated with royalty. “My son Richard is a very unique individual. And he certainly knows what he likes,” explains Hajjar. “He enjoys the finer things, and always has a bit of bling, so The Richard is a strong, regal property. And Rachel and I added the bling!” Grays, blacks and other neutrals provide a traditional background while silver and brass metallic accents spark the energy to keep the overall design from being overly strong or imposing.

Marla and Juliana Accursio-Gibbs are the capable couple that oversees the operations for the Hajjars. Since they have been the resident innkeepers at The Christopher from the beginning, (they have been involved with each of the renovations and new construction of the other two properties) they reiterate the successful embodiment of the children’s personalities as applied to the separate inns. “The Richard definitely has a different vibe than the other properties, and it stands out just like Anne and Chuck’s son,” says Marla with a twinkle. Marla and Julie not only oversee much of the operations of the properties, but they also fulfill a sort of fairy godmothers’ function, not only for the family—who they consider to be like their own—but also for the lucky guests that spend their precious vacation time with them. As soon as you enter The Christopher, a wave of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies (to rival any that might otherwise be famous, including Amos and Mrs. Fields) fills your senses. The cookies seem to always be present (more of that fairy godmother magic) and will often be tucked into a guest’s satchel as they leave for a bike ride.

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