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These inns on Martha’s Vineyard are a must-see

The Christopher

“The girls are a godsend!” effuses Anne. “I honestly don’t know what I would do without them. I head over to the inn on a daily basis with a list of things to accomplish, and before you know it, the time has flown by as we find ourselves laughing and dishing about everything and anything.” Hajjar also speaks with great regard about the symbiotic synergy inherent to her relationship with Lark Hotels. Lark is a hospitality management group that emphasizes a world-class philosophy of customer care and service for every guest that experiences one of their properties. Their claim of offering boutique hotels for today’s traveler barely seems to scratch the surface. As Hajjar explains, “They just have very high standards, and as a property owner, it is great to find a corporation that prioritizes the quality of a guest’s experience as much as we do.” The Accursio-Gibbs exemplify the caliber of staff Lark sources to oversee their properties. In fact, the Hajjars’ experience has been so profound that they have recently acquired two new properties in Newport, RI from Lark themselves. A third property was also recently independently acquired. Anne will oversee the renovation of the properties, and Lark will provide their expertise in the operational support.

The Sydney

Hajjar is proud to offer distinctive hospitality to the Vineyard. She feels the newly renovated and constructed properties provide value to the local community. “I know that many people might balk at the thought of more visitors to the island,” she says, “but I think these beautiful hotels attract visitors who will stay and get to know  the community at a much deeper level than a day tripper. I know that it can be controversial for some, but I truly believe in what we are doing.” 

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