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This gorgeous bloom is a MUST for any Cape garden

Tips and Tricks for Dahlias

• Dahlia’s are not fond of cold soil. Just like Henry Mitchell suggests, there’s a sweet spot to be reached with soil temperature for this pretty plant. Be patient and wait until there’s no chance left of spring frost before planting!

• Dahlia roots are tubers with the stems coming directly out often known as “eyes.” Make sure you plant with the eye’s facing up. 

• Prep your soil with compost or manure to make sure that your Dahlias are well fed.

• A planting spot with direct sunlight and shelter from the wind is ideal.

• Make sure to keep your plant hydrated when temperatures start heating up, but be sure not to water until you see growth above ground so you don’t drown your plant. A deep watering once a week once your plant starts to show should do the trick.

• A few examples of plants that Dahlias grow well among are many annuals, roses and oriental lilies.

• Make sure to prune regularly so that the healthy flowers will make it until around first frost. For larger blooms, remove side buds and allow only one flower to bloom at a time. 

• For bigger dahlia plants, try staking!

• Dahlia’s can easily be stored over the winter in a cool, dry, dark spot. Dig them up by mid-November or before it begins to frost. 

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