Transitional Transformation

Cape Cod Home  /  Spring 2022 /

Writer: Rachel Walman / Photographer: Dan Cutrona 

Stylist: Karin Lidbreck-Brent Donna Elle Design sets the stage for a homeowner’s next chapter. Nantucket is an island of fusion. The strength and influence of the old world is with you wherever you go, whether it be the cobblestones under your feet as soon as you step off the ferry, the rolling moors of bayberry sprayed by sea mist, the salt box homes with wind-worn grey shutters. But much like this design project, a still-evolving update even as of this publication, the new world blends with and complements the traditions that have saturated this little island for generations. Donna Elle has personally known the homeowner of the particular redesign for over 25 years. “This home was based on a personal connection of the client’s two previous home renovations on the mainland, as well as my interpretive co-creative vision with my daughter, Katie, who joined me on this next translation on her Nantucket home in Cisco Beach,” she explains. Katie joined her mother as Associate Designer six years ago (and the two are thriving as a co-creative team.) For this particular client, Donna and Katie stopped by her house while she was on Nantucket to show her some of their ideas in person and have a conversation about the direction she wanted to go in at the time. “We were initially focusing on interior updates to the dining room, and upholstery updates to some pieces here and there,” Katie notes. “It was wonderful to be able to be in the presence of the homeowner, show her real textiles and where our inspiration came from; to tangibly feel materials and experience hues, textures and patterns up close makes a huge impact to the design process.” As can tend to happen, the client and design team discussions developed to expand beyond what the…

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