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Building Business: Mac Davis Flooring

Solid Foundation

What establishes and preserves the success of a business? For Mac Davis Flooring it is all about their three key objectives: craftsmanship, character and communication. 
Osterville Showroom

It all began back in 2006, when Mac Davis, owner and CEO of Mac Davis Flooring, decided it was time to open his business’ flagship showroom on Nantucket. “My father had a flooring business of his own when I was growing up,” says Davis. “I had been installing floors since I was in high school. All I did was install and finish floors for a long time, and I finally decided I needed to start out on my own.” Davis became a member of the National Flooring Association and started to take classes, eventually becoming certified as an installer and finisher. He then continued his education in the industry by attending large flooring shows. “At these shows, I began to notice that there was a disconnect between companies that just sell flooring versus the people that really understand wood, as well as how to install and finish it. I wanted to bridge that gap with my Nantucket showroom.”

Fast forward to 2022, Mac Davis Flooring now has three showroom locations: Nantucket, Osterville and Newport, Rhode Island. “I felt like the expansion to Osterville in 2018 was a natural move,” explains Davis. “Osterville has a very similar feel to Nantucket and I saw that there was a need that we could fill–the community on Cape Cod welcomed us with open arms.”

Davis says, when he thinks of the company’s success and how the company has grown, it is not so much about him, as it is his staff. “What really changed for me, after having my two daughters, was the realization that this industry is dominated by males. I started going to flooring shows and…

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