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Trending Countertops

Go from drab to fab with exciting new options from engineered stone to stainless steel.

Similar to kitchen countertops, there is a trend toward using quartz in the bathroom.

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No other project can transform the interior of a home quite like a kitchen renovation. Whether it is new construction or a remodel, the materials chosen in the kitchen can be the heart of the design for any home.

White beadboard cabinets with recycled glass countertops evoke a classic Cape cottage style, while cherry cabinets with dark granite countertops suggest something more traditional and timeless. Though cabinet selection is an important part of the project—since the style, material, and stain will likely drive the choice for other materials—the choice of a countertop is equally critical. Industry experts agree that the countertop along with the backsplash is a statement piece and can provide the wow factor in a kitchen design. Oftentimes, changing out just the countertop and backsplash can be enough to take a kitchen from drab to fab without enduring the inconvenience of a full kitchen remodel. From granite to glass, to engineered stone to stainless steel, the options in countertops for 2016 are nearly endless.

Granite is still topping the current list of choice for countertop materials. Granite’s elegance combined with its durability as well as the wide array of colors available continues to make it a popular choice among buyers and designers. Dean Sarrasin, owner of Kitchen Port, Inc., in Orleans has been installing granite countertops for 25 years and says that the natural stone is still a favorite for his customers.

“It has rich colors with a three-dimensional effect,” says Sarrasin. Though there are man-made materials that mimic natural stone, Sarrasin says the manufacturers “have not found a way to achieve the depth of colors in natural granite.” The drawback to this material—and it’s a slight one—is that it needs to be sealed once or twice a year, depending on the option chosen. And even that challenge, Sarrasin says, has become less important in recent years. “There are options available now that come with a ten-year sealer,” he says.

Countertop selection also involves a choice in finishes. From matte, to polished, to textured, Mark Bogosian of Longfellow Design Build in Falmouth says the finish can make all the difference in the overall design. Right now, he says, the leathered finish is extremely popular. “It’s textured, so it shows almost no dust and there are no moisture rings left from cold drinks.” Because this finish can withstand the wear and tear of everyday family use and requires very little daily maintenance, Bogosian says it is an outstanding choice. “It’s a great texture and it does not interfere with the functionality of the counter,” he says.

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