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Unforgettable moments: 8 Cape venues & businesses share wedding stories

Hair Affinity, Chatham MA

Hair Affinity—helping brides look their best on their big day

Imagine the following scenario: a lovely bride wears her hair up, interwoven with sparkles with curly locks dangling from the sides. A slim braid wraps around, tying the hair in the back and fastened with an orchid. This is her wedding day, and she shines. The professional stylists of Hair Affinity in Chatham know this scenario well, as they help to create it for all the brides they work with.

For weddings, Hair Affinity provides a variety of beauty services, from hair and makeup, to manicures and pedicures, and stylists are available to work with bridal parties from the initial inquiry right through the day of the wedding. “We do all sizes of weddings, from small and intimate to huge,” says owner Laurie Murphy. “One time we did a bridal party that had 18 people!” Also the company’s head stylist, Murphy says she and her talented staff will go the extra mile for the entire bridal party, with up to six stylists available at a single time.

Browsing the gallery of photos on the company’s website, one can see that the company can tackle a wide variety of hairstyles. “We do a lot of different kinds of them,” says Murphy, a proclaimed fan of the updo. “Some people like the beachy, half-up half-down look; some like a more formal look with lots of curls; some like a style off to the side with flowers. It varies with each party. I really enjoy creating intricate styles with lots of pieces.”

Murphy says she and her staff can accommodate any style and taste. “It’s always fun to do something out of the ordinary,” she says. “We did an Indian wedding once, with lots of henna tattoos. And once, we did a party in an Alice in Wonderland theme. The bride wore a little hat off to the side. We love the variety.”

Hair Affinity • 1291 Main Street • Chatham • 508-348-1341 •

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