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Unforgettable moments: 8 Cape venues & businesses share wedding stories

Ahh Time Studio, Mashpee MA

No touch-ups necessary: Ahh Time Studio of Mashpee specializes in airbrush makeup

Maureen O’Connor, the owner of Ahh Time Skin Lash & Massage Studio in Mashpee, knows a thing or two about brides-to-be. “As I’m applying the airbrush makeup for a bride and she goes off into ‘the zone,’ I know that she’s imagining the rest of her life with her husband,” O’Connor says. “You can just see it. Those are the marriages that last.”

Not only does Ahh Time specialize in airbrush makeup, O’Connor says the company was the first on Cape Cod to do so, providing the service way back in 2000. “Airbrush makeup creates a superior finish,” O’Connor says, “and it only needs to be applied once, with no touching-up for the rest of the day.”

The makeup is also waterproof and hypoallergenic. “A bride went in the water at one resort,” O’Connor says, “and her makeup was still perfect when she came out.” Another memorable moment was when O’Connor had to cover up a black eye the brother of the groom had incurred the night before. “I airbrushed makeup over it,” she says, “and voila. That’s how well it works. It covers strap lines, sunburns; it’ll even out overall blemishes and leave skin looking fresh and natural.” Another bonus? O’Connor says airbrush makeup comes without the fuss of conventional options. “It doesn’t rub off,” she says, “and it won’t run down your face when you cry at the wedding.”

Ahh Time offers additional services for brides and bridal parties, including eyelash extensions or temporary lash enhancement, brow design, and pre-wedding facials. The company also sells all-natural and organic skin care products and hosts bachelorette spa parties.

Ahh Time Skin Lash & Massage Studio • 35 South Street  • Mashpee • 508-477-1837 •

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