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For an uplifting Cape Cod adventure, try parasailing!

Elevate your spirit!, June 2017 Cape Cod LIFE |

Photo by Charles Sternaimolo

Each ride lasts 8 to 10 minutes, and the time from dock to dock is usually 35 to 45 minutes. The company works with a few thousand customers every summer, and Kossmann says another positive part of parasailing is pretty much anyone can do it. “Grandparents bring their grandkids,” she says, “and they both love it. It’s exciting, and the ride is smooth.” Many seniors have parasailed, Kossmann says, and she has even fitted 2-year-old toddlers into tiny harnesses.

Individuals with disabilities and various physical limitations can also parasail, she says, adding that the company has worked with blind customers as well as individuals who use wheelchairs or must be lifted into the boat. “This is something that includes everyone,” Kossmann says. “When people call us and ask us if they can fly, the answer is always yes.”

For example, a customer named Charlie paid a visit to the company to celebrate his 100th birthday. “He was not nervous at all,” Kossmann recalls, but the man’s daughter, who was 72, was. “The family was there, and they took a bunch of photos. That was pretty fun.” Here’s another uplifting story: some couples have got engaged while soaring above Nantucket Sound. “You can tell when the question has been asked by the excited movements,” Kossmann says. “It’s a very unique way to propose.”

Cape Cod Parasail & Jet Ski has operated out of the same location every summer since 2000. Kossmann says it’s a good spot because the water is calm, and warm in comparison to Cape Cod Bay. Why would this last detail matter, one might ask? Well, if customers are amenable, the captain is happy to “dip” them in the ocean toward the end of their ride. Those who wear glasses are advised to wear them so they can enjoy the breathtaking views from above, but keep them safe and sound on a strap.

Rent jet skis—or ride the banana boat!

Blue Water Resort is just a short beach walk east of Red Jacket Beach Resort. There, customers can rent Yamaha WaveRunners, which hold multiple riders—one of whom must be at least 18. When customers are on the water, staff members patrol the area to offer suggestions and be of assistance. “It’s a fun, safe way for families to rent jet skis,” Kossmann says.

Another option for recreating on the water is a ride on the banana boat, an inflatable tube that is shaped like a banana and pulled by a boat. Up to six people can ride at once and there are no age restrictions. “This is a lot of fun,” Kossmann says. “People literally line up all day to ride the banana boat. The point is to go fast, bump along the water, and, sometimes, fall off.”

Cape Cod Parasail & Jet Ski can be found at Red Jacket Beach Resort, 1 South Shore Drive, and at Blue Water Beach Resort, 291 South Shore Drive—both in South Yarmouth. From Memorial Day weekend to late June, the company is open on weekends only, and then from late June through Labor Day, daily, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Reservations are required for all of these activities. For more information, call 508-398-7245, or visit

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