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V: Va Va Voom

“That’s the idea: the more you look, the more you should discover as you experience a house,” says Linder. His advice for creating something extraordinary and exciting is to incorporate color and pattern and to do so in unexpected ways or locations. Little details in unpredictable spaces are what make a design fun and take a home, with all its rich history, to new, unexpected, and most importantly, personal heights.

There’s no reason that design should not be fun—both during the process and in the end results—and Evolve Residential captures that exhilaration not only in every home they create, but also in every room and even down to every corner where you might find an attention-grabbing lamp, brightly patterned rug, unique painting, or soothing house plant. “Our approach is to intuitively understand each of our clients,” explains Linder, “to become deeply familiar with their ‘vibe,’ and then to create a highly individual space that reflects their personalities, their warmth, their needs…their new life.”

It’s difficult to capture exuberance within a couch cushion, intriguing archway or dynamic wall hanging, but somehow Evolve manages to do so time and again. Perhaps, their colorful charm can really only be described effectively as “va va voom.” 

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