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The luckiest to have found the best of what’s around


The Bachelor Whitney Bischoff

On her big day, Whitney Angel wore a custom wedding dress made with lace and buttons from her mother’s gown.

Whitney has her very own angel looking out for her—her mother. While this loss was surely poignant on her wedding day, it’s easy to imagine that Whitney’s mother was looking out for her on this day and others—perhaps as she ate all those sliders in front of Ricky the day they met, and perhaps guiding her all the way to the alter to stand beside her newest angel. “My mom passed away almost 13 years ago, and it was really important that we were able to capture her in the day,” says Whitney. “I wanted it to be a happy day. I didn’t want it to be really solemn. I just wanted there to be certain things, even if it was just the people closest to her that would understand.” Whitney’s maternal grandmother, her “Mamaw,” walked her down the aisle to the song “Old Kentucky Home,” played by the couple’s close friend, Jason Paradise, in tribute to Whitney’s hometown. At the end of the aisle was a chair decorated in lilies—her mom’s favorite flower—and as Whitney stood in front of her closest friends and family, hand-in-hand with her forever love, listening to her brother-in-law perform a ceremony they wrote together, she wore a dress custom-made with lace and buttons from her mother’s gown and a gorgeous flowing veil that also belonged to her mother.

“Everybody who was part of the day was very close to Ricky and me,” explains Whitney. “We had both of our siblings standing by our side, two of our best friends did readings, and my brother-in-law officiated.” The wedding took place on one of the warmest days in October. In fact it was so lovely out, that the two decided to move their wedding to the gardens last minute, and the change made the ceremony even more gorgeous.

“The readings we did weren’t your standard readings either,” says Ricky. “We each picked a song and we didn’t tell each other what song that would be. We picked lyrics from the songs, and my friends read the lyrics I chose for her and vice versa.” Ricky chose lyrics from “The Best of What’s Around” by Dave Matthews Band. Whitney chose one of her favorite songs, “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds, a song she had shared with Ricky when they first met. The musical aspects of the wedding even continued into the reception, with Ricky’s father and brother playing “Amazing Day” for their first dance.

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