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The luckiest to have found the best of what’s around


The Bachelor Whitney Bischoff

“Whatever tears at us, whatever holds us down. And if nothing can be done, we’ll make the best of what’s around.” These lyrics, from “The Best of What’s Around” by Dave Matthews Band, spoke to Ricky because he says no matter what, he and Whitney will always be a team. “No matter what kind of mess is going on in the world, it’s always going to be you and me,” he tells her.

The pair celebrated their union with a tree planted in soil from their hometowns. “Ricky’s parents brought soil from the house he grew up in, and he played baseball growing up, so they brought soil from first base,” says Whitney. “Third base,” Ricky corrects her—it’s an important detail. The tree is now planted at Ricky’s parents’ house in Dennis, a constant reminder of their wedding, their relationship and their future.

“I’ll never forget Whitney walking down the aisle with Mamaw—seeing her turning the corner and Mamaw getting up off her chair, cheesing widely,” says Ricky, laughing at the memory. It was a very intimate day, with personal touches throughout it all. Ricky explains about a tradition he and his friends have of ending their nights with the song “I Will Always Love You,” by Whitney Houston. “Basically everyone makes a big circle around the bride and the groom, and everyone sings along,” he explains. “It was a big ordeal,” adds Whitney.

The couple’s best advice for soon-to-be newlyweds? Whitney says to hire a wedding planner. “I was so glad to have Keri Ketterer from Always Yours Events,” she says. “She really just handled so much on all different levels, from listening to me to really making it the day of our dreams.” Ricky’s advice: “Never say the three dreaded words: ‘I don’t care,’” he jokes. In all seriousness though, he advises future grooms to “understand that you should care because your future wife cares.”

“For once in my life, things are finally boring,” jokes Whitney. With her experiences on “The Bachelor,” Whitney’s road to love hasn’t always been paved with roses. “I think it was a great experience. I learned a lot. There were a lot of amazing times. There were a lot of really hard times. All in all, it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and something I don’t regret doing, but I would never put myself through it again,” she says. “Unless I was the bachelor,” Ricky teases her.

That’s not to say Whitney is not still an avid fan of the show. “I’ve watched since I was a little girl. Then I went on the show, so I pick up on things that other people may not, but I’ll never stop watching,” she says, explaining that she also still keeps in close contact with some of the other contestants—a few were even guests on her special day.

There are no “Bachelor” spin-off shows in Whitney’s future, though. Now, she’s content with her new husband and their “doggie daughter,” Lillie. “Kid’s might be in the future. We shall see,” says Ricky. One thing’s for sure, Cape Cod will always be in the cards for this pair. “The Cape holds a really special place in our hearts, and we’re just really excited to vacation there in the future and hopefully bring back kids,” says Whitney. “We’ll be going there forever,” says Ricky. It might not be heaven, but for these Angels, the Cape comes pretty close.

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