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Where the Livin’ is Good

While Good Life New England’s specialty is the design and installation of custom cabinetry, their services are a perfect extension into the remodeling process. “The clients had very specific features in mind for the outdoor kitchen,” Meader explains. “They wanted Grace to be fully immersive with cooking, as well as extend the outdoor season from spring to fall.

A 42” grill by Twin Eagles was a starting element that Meader positioned so the family could enjoy the view of the ocean while being able to interact with guests at the poolside counter bar. “We also incorporated a burner and a 30” stainless bar setup, both manufactured by Twin Eagles, with a sink, ice well, and bottle opener that we paired in close proximity with a stainless under-counter refrigerator by Delta Heat,” he adds.

Another important feature: an outdoor television so that they could catch the Boston sports games while enjoying the outdoor atmosphere.

Meader also incorporated different seating areas for different purposes:  seating poolside for a drink at the bar or watching the game, bar seating that looked out to the pool and ocean beyond, and a stone dining table where the family can gather for meals.

Grace wanted the feel of the outdoor kitchen to emanate warmth. ”We have so much stone on the property, especially with the new landscaping around the pool, and we wanted to add a wood look to give it a timeless feel,” she explains. To fulfill this desire, Meader suggested outdoor cabinetry with the appearance of traditional wood and the convenience of a broad array of interior accessories as he explains, “The unique construction and materials designed into this cabinetry overcome the challenges of wood for preserving joinery and finishes under the extremes of nature while bringing the beautiful look of wood into this outdoor environment.”

Grace and Brian love cooking in their newly imagined California kitchen, “Cooking outside is more relaxed. You feel like you are on vacation,” she notes. “We do a lot of grilling and steaming lobsters on the gas burners. I’ve even made pancakes on the griddle, which is a nice way to wake up.”

In addition to this award-winning outdoor kitchen, Meader’s design team was responsible for significant changes indoors. Meader reflects that, “Initially we came in to do the kitchen and that led to planning many additional spaces, so we had the pleasure of working throughout the house and contributing to the feel of the whole place.” 

They designed the new indoor kitchen, added a pantry, a wet bar near the porch for entertaining, and a bar in the lower level man cave. Integrating all these pieces as a whole was an exacting undertaking,  assisted by the 3D modeling service that Good Life New England offers. Grace went to their design studio to look at a vast array of materials to choose from and brought home samples to consider. Ultimately the 3D modeling gave her an experience that immersed her in the new spaces.  

“It was very helpful to see all the pieces together in a bird’s eye view layout. After months of just picturing how things would work, it was reassuring to see it all come together,” she says.

“Our 3D modeling process is truly a game changer for clients,” Meader confirms. “It enables them to visualize what most struggle to perceive from standard two-dimensional drawings. They can select a variety of different materials and finish options in the composition of the designed space, rather than try to hold separate samples together in their imagination.”

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