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Where the Livin’ is Good

There were unique challenges with the existing kitchen space to realize Grace’s vision to open it to the living area and enjoy the gorgeous views while cooking. “The shape stretched long but was too narrow for a long island to stretch with it,” Meader explains. “We wanted the space to flow. We handled this challenge with an intentional separation of zones. The wider part of the kitchen received a seven-foot island and the main sink area, both with views to the ocean beyond. A built-in Sub-Zero refrigerator was positioned at the transition between this wider space and the more narrow half of the kitchen, where cabinets wrapped in a U-shape, extending storage and counter space toward the range.”

“A great feature of their kitchen now is that while it’s not positioned at the ocean-side of the house, it is very open to all the adjacent living spaces that boast ample windows with ocean views,” Meader continues. In the formerly sunken living room, Grace changed a brick fireplace into a double-sided stone fireplace and raised the floor two feet to be seamlessly connected to the rest of the space. “Now the sink area enjoys not only views to the water, but views to the fireplace in the living room and beyond,“ Meader explains. Grace’s satisfaction with the result is evident when she says, “The kitchen flows so much better and cooking and entertaining have been a joy.  It is so nice that guests can sit and talk and have a glass of wine while I’m working in the kitchen.”

Adjacent to the kitchen, Grace also got the pantry she’s always wanted. Handsome cabinets with tall glass doors offer storage on one side, while the opposite side offers an additional sink, dishwasher and a built-in steam oven. Grace’s fun decorating style is evident with a unique collection of rolling pins that attach to the wall like an art display. To make the home’s lower-level dramatically more comfortable, Meader had to work with odd angles to create an open and entertaining space that includes a wet bar. He sums it up by saying, “The lower level bar and surrounding finished space was as dramatic a transition as any in the house.” Higher plastered ceilings replaced a low lattice ceiling, formerly painted black to conceal the mechanicals above. The full bar, crafted in natural walnut, features a wine refrigerator, open shelves for display, and glass and solid door upper cabinets for liquor and other storage.

The lower section includes a large bar sink, a raised bar counter for guests, a serving counter for making drinks and an under-counter beverage refrigerator. The adjacent lounging space with a large screen television and comfortable seating is adorned with sports paraphernalia from Boston teams and has become Brian’s favorite spot in the house.

“Altogether it was a very big and satisfying remodeling effort that we were thrilled to be part of,” Meader recalls. “I was floored with Grace’s beautiful taste and what she has created throughout the house. It is so relaxing that whenever I’ve visited, I don’t want to leave.” 

On the Concannon’s part, the changes have made their lives easier and made it more fun to entertain. What she still loves most, Grace says is, “to sit in the living room with a cup of tea and enjoy the boundless views.”  

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