Women in Business: Guilty Bakery

Cape Cod Life  /  April/May 2022 /

Writer: Rachel Walman

Two Sweet Guilty Bakery began when two souls came together to create something wonderful. Amy Cotter and Krista Leary (‘the brunette one’ and ‘the blonde one’, respectively,) have now been heading this successful bakeshop for a decade. “We were really young when we started. I was 24; Amy was 29,” Krista explains. “Within the first five years of our business, we were new moms twice over. We were always multitasking. It took us about five years before we actually felt confident in making decisions and sticking to our guns.” “I worked as the Executive Pastry Chef at the Catered Affair for 10 years,” Amy shares. “When I left on maternity leave, Krista assumed my role. During that time, my husband found our original location. It was tiny, the size of a closet. It had been an existing bakery, and the woman who owned it sold everything to us.” Krista, who had become close to Amy over the years, was asked to work at this burgeoning bakery. “She instead asked to be my partner, and I said, ‘Even better.’ The rest is history,” Amy laughs.  Within those initial years, it was a mix of preparedness and perseverance that led to its success. “Everything that we had learned at the Catered Affair, we threw it into the business,” Krista explains. “And we’ve had extremely loyal customers who have always come back to us, which helped us grow. Our customers carried us through those first five years.” In addition to becoming accustomed to the aspects of running their own business, Amy and Krista also have their fingers in every pie. “The list of what we do is almost astronomical,” Krista emphasizes. “Amy and I decorate every custom item that leaves the store. We create the flavors, make the lists, put together the wedding…

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