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Women in Business: JuliaGarden Design, Ltd.

Natural Beauty

When it comes to creating a beautiful outdoor space—choosing the right plantings for the soil and the environment that will survive and flourish now and for years to come—often requires the expertise of those in the field.

With a Masters Certificate in Landscape Design from the Landscape Institute at Boston Architectural College and the Radcliffe Seminars at Harvard University, Julia Esteves and her husband Artek Milczanowski, owners of JuliaGarden Design, Ltd. in Osterville, bring a breadth of knowledge and experience to her designs that result in healthy and beautiful outdoor living spaces.  

“At JuliaGarden Design, we begin the design process by taking into consideration the client and their goals for the space; the values and aesthetics are the driving force for a successful design” says Esteves. Once this phase is synthesized, she says the next crucial consideration is site analysis, especially with respect to understanding soil conditions and utilizing best practices for installation.

Over the past decade, the outdoor space really has become an extension of a home’s interior and the gardens are a critical part of this living space. “The garden encompasses the whole of the landscape, the planting beds, the lawns, and the spaces defined by them,” says Esteves.

She says it is critical that the landscape design is conceptualized dynamically so that it is able to evolve and change over time—after all, a garden is full of life. “We are always mindful of long term plant resilience goals—natural amendments to support plant growth and establishment,” says Esteves. 

For example, she says, JuliaGarden Design’s approach is to create a layered design starting with a density of ground cover matrix plantings to reduce the use of mulch over time and create healthy gardens. Esteves affirms this affects everything from water uptake to soil health….

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