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Work/ Life Balance

One point of caution he emphasizes is not to assume that your basement, particularly an unfinished one, will suit your needs. “Nobody really wants to go to work, but it is obviously necessary,” he says. “You want to have a space that you feel good about entering; one that is comfortable and conducive to work. You can’t just set up a table in your basement and expect to be productive. Things like proper lighting, ventilation and climate are real considerations.” 

Kimball says that he and his team are creating workspaces for clients in lower levels that have sufficient natural light and fresh air as well as heating and cooling solutions that are incorporated within the rest of the home. “A lower level can become a great work space. And, because of the possible square footage, it could become a perfect space for multiple members of the family,” Kimball notes. An efficient construction project might involve creating space for school activities for younger children and more traditional work solutions for the adults that often includes college-aged children, parents and even grandparents.

Doug Frye, owner of Topaz Engineering Supply in Hingham says that he has many clients who use live format printers in their home offices. Electrical engineers, architect and designers all depend on this equipment to functionally do their jobs, so why not have the equipment in a home office? Frye says, “There are options that suit a residential space without compromising performance. And, some of the models are quite cost-effective in comparison with a printer/copier/scanner you might get at a big box store.”

Brad Smith, president of Audio Visual Designs in Westwood, says that his clients, including countless homes on the Cape as well as both islands, have a certain expectation of how responsive their broadband and other technology should perform, regardless of whether they are working from their home or a traditional office. “Many of our clients run businesses that are successful primarily because of their ability to respond,” Smith says. “So, when they are at their vacation home, or they are forced to work from any home environment, they need high-speed internet, with security as well as flexibility.” Smith says the public’s recent embrace of video-conferencing for both work and casual use has upped the ante for the kinds of screens, bandwidth, integration and performance clients are seeking.

“This current scenario has afforded clients a perfect opportunity to schedule installations, upgrades or maintenance in the second homes that they might have been putting off,” Smith suggests. “We have crews that are working on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket as well as on the Cape, and we obviously have protocols in place to ensure everyone’s safety—the homeowners as well as the employees.”

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