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Writer: Brenna Collins / Photographer: Teagan Anne 

Summerland Homes & Gardens

The perfect catalyst to launch a space’s design can take many forms. Inspiration could be found in a distinct piece of art, or it could be a specific fabric that speaks to you, serving as the initial spark for an entire atmosphere. Throw pillows, rugs, window treatments, sofas, chairs, and ottomans all truly bring a room to life, establishing a sense of personality within the home. 

Recognizing the value in textiles, design firm Summerland Homes & Gardens has their own private upholstery label and an array of quality fabrics in their artful studio, located on Main Street in Osterville. Michelle Woeller, owner and principal designer of the firm, brings her vast experience to the business, which specializes in both interior and landscape design. Woeller and designer Kelly Vaillancourt bring their refined vision to clients throughout New England. 

Summerland’s private label upholstery line is custom made in North Carolina, offering various furniture pieces. “We work with our clients to choose the fabric, wood finish and details such as nail heads and trim to create unique pieces for their space. When designing custom furniture, we can also choose the exact measurements we need the item to be so that it fits perfectly in the room,” Woeller comments. Their London sofa, featured in their studio in an elegant robin’s egg blue, is a popular choice. “Its traditional English arm, loose back cushions and subtle curve in the base has a great shape that fits in easily with a variety of styles,” Woeller notes.

Performance fabrics are increasingly popular, adorning durable sofas and chairs in family rooms, kitchens, and outdoor patios. “Today’s performance fabrics are soft and luxurious, and often integrate different yarns to create a textural surface. They come in herringbone patterns, tweeds, solids, prints and an array of colors,” says Woeller. Summerland often works with Inside Out Performance Fabrics, among others, which manufactures quick-dry, anti-mildew, eco-friendly fabrics that perfectly accommodate coastal living. Choosing such a performance fabric adds a deeper sense of value and lifespan to a furniture investment.

Blending seamlessly within coastal inspired design, Summerland leans towards batik and block prints in many projects. Woeller’s personal favorites are the handmade block prints, an Indian art involving stamping intricate patterns from a block of wood. “Because the process is done completely by hand, there is often a variation in color and pattern, which shows the beauty of the craft,” Woeller admires. Batik fabrics use wax to lay the pattern before it is dyed and then removed, giving it a unique, organic feel. 

Incorporating a range of textiles into your space can be transformative, adding life to a room through pattern and texture. Investing in quality fabric allows your furniture to stand the test of time. Performance fabrics provide a beautiful space to relax in, knowing that your worry-free fabrics will hold up to spills, pets, kids, and coastal living. Layering in block print and batik fabrics gives your space a unique touch to fit your design style.

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