Set in Stone

Stone artist and craftsman David Campbell’s artistry is shaped by Cape Cod’s geometry.

At the close of a long day in the brilliant summer sun, David Campbell finds solace in the landscape. A faded cut-off tee shirt exposes the tan, sturdy arms that designed the gardens he’s surrounded by, and built the stone bench on which he’s perched. His build hints at years of work requiring strength and endurance in the outdoors; his demeanor hints at years of relishing the life he’s crafted for himself. Read more…

Time Lapse & Cape Maps

Looking at the history of Cape Cod and the Islands through a cartographic lens

On Chatham’s Main Street, past the bustling strips of gift shops and restaurants, there lies a treasure trove of history. With an unassuming buttercup yellow exterior, the Maps of Antiquity shop seems to creak under the weight of thousands of maps. Some maps are yellowed and cracked with age, some carefully restored and framed. Some hang on every wall of the two-room shop, while the majority—organized by locale and vintage—sit in dozens of print racks, begging to be flipped through.

Time Lapse & Cape Maps Read more…

Anthony DiSpezio

Brilliant afternoon sunlight pours into Robin Pierson’s studio, illuminating the antique windows, sea glass, seashells, and pieces of wood and glass that line every wall and cover every surface of the room. With a stove warming the garage-turned-artist’s space in Gray Gables, the organized chaos of Pierson’s studio feels like home. Hammer in hand, Pierson methodically flattens a collection of shells that are too bulky for use in her art. Read more…

Stories Behind the Brushstrokes

Ashley Owen Painters render the subjects they are passionate about, and Frank Chike Anigbo finds his subjects far away from his Cape Cod home. Since 2005, he has visited Los Angeles and documented the lives of homeless men and women who walk the streets of the Skid Row neighborhood. Painting is his way of bringing these people out of anonymity and making them visible and distinct. In return, his subjects provide Anigbo with a rare honesty that appears on his canvases. “Most of us walk around with masks on to hide who we really are,” Anigbo says. “But with people with absolutely nothing, I find incredible sincerity. They have nothing left to hide. They lost it all already.” Read more…

The New Republic

Ashley Owen Since relocating to Falmouth last May, The Quahog Republic Dive Bar has some familiar faces in the kitchen, the same relaxing atmosphere, and the delicious food that made its Mashnee Island location such a hit. I tried the perfectly spiced Stuffed Quahog ($6) with chunks of quahog, linguica, golden brown on top, served with lemon and melted butter. My guest ordered a cup of clam chowder ($5), made fresh with red bliss potatoes, applewood-smoked bacon, and the perfect ratio of cream to clams. Unique dishes fill the menu, from the J.Q. Grilled Corn ($6) with lime aioli and melted cheese to the Quahog Republic Cubano ($13), a mouth-watering pork and ham sandwich with swiss cheese, red onion, and chipotle aioli, served on grill-pressed French bread. I dove into the Island Burger ($16), a half-pound of black Angus beef with savory toppings: caramelized onions, melted cheese, grilled pineapple, bacon, barbecue sauce, topped with a grilled jumbo shrimp.

Quahog Republic Dive Bar, 97 Spring Bars Road, Falmouth 508-540-4111;

Serene Seas, Fine Food

Life December 2010 After a day spent fishing the open seas or basking on a Cape Cod beach, a meal at The Chart Room on Red Brook Harbor in Cataumet is a special treat. Dine in the weathered-wood dining room or on the covered porch with a pristine view of the harbor, both complimenting the friendly service and sumptuous seafood. To start, we ordered the clams casino ($8.95) and the delicious lobster bisque ($5.96). While The Chart Room is known for its broiled lamb chops ($22.95) and broiled swordfish with anchovy butter ($22.95), this sunset spot really delivered with its specials menu. I decided on the grilled filet mignon, with melted Gorgonzola cheese and a cabernet demi-glaze, served with baked potato, asparagus, and sweet potato ($24.95). My guest ordered the swordfish over gorgonzola and sun-dried tomato ravioli in a chardonnay basil sauce, topped with a lobster tail ($25.95). After dining, we stepped outside and admired the sunset.

The Chart Room 1 Shipyard Lane, Cataumet, 508-563-5350
Open every day through Labor Day, Thursday through Sunday until Columbus Day.