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Building a legacy, one step at a time

West Barnstable woodworker has crafted a niche making custom stairways and bannisters

When was the last time you really thought about a stairway you were descending, the feel of the handrail and the steps beneath you? It’s easy to overlook a permanent architectural fixture like stairs, and many people do. Matthew Kennedy is not one of those people.
A West Barnstable resident,…

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The world is their alphabet

Husband-and-wife team finds and photographs ‘Letters from the Cape’
A different perspective on the world can yield beautiful results, as Jan and Chris Capece know well. From subtle shapes made by ropes on a dock to patterns in the sand, nature’s nuanced aesthetic provides the Capeces endless inspiration for their art, Letters from the Cape.
The couple, who have a home in…

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Time Lapse & Cape Maps

On Chatham’s Main Street, past the bustling strips of gift shops and restaurants, there lies a treasure trove of history. With an unassuming buttercup yellow exterior, the Maps of Antiquity shop seems to creak under the weight of thousands of maps. Some maps are yellowed and cracked with age, some carefully restored and framed. Some hang on every wall of…

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Through the Looking Glass

After carving out a new life, Robin Pierson found a successful niche in decorative art.

Brilliant afternoon sunlight pours into Robin Pierson’s studio, illuminating the antique windows, sea glass, seashells, and pieces of wood and glass that line every wall and cover every surface of the room. With a stove warming the garage-turned-artist’s space in Gray Gables, the organized chaos of…

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Stories Behind the BrushStrokes

Barnstable artist Frank Chike Anigbo found inspiration for his canvases worlds away on Skid Row.

Painters render the subjects they are passionate about, and Frank Chike Anigbo finds his subjects far away from his Cape Cod home. Since 2005, he has visited Los Angeles and documented the lives of homeless men and women who walk the streets of the Skid Row…

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