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Building a legacy, one step at a time

West Barnstable woodworker has crafted a niche making custom stairways and bannisters When was the last time you really thought…

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The world is their alphabet

Husband-and-wife team finds and photographs ‘Letters from the Cape’ A different perspective on the world can yield beautiful results, as…

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Time Lapse & Cape Maps

On Chatham’s Main Street, past the bustling strips of gift shops and restaurants, there lies a treasure trove of history.…

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Through the Looking Glass

After carving out a new life, Robin Pierson found a successful niche in decorative art. Brilliant afternoon sunlight pours into…

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Stories Behind the BrushStrokes

Barnstable artist Frank Chike Anigbo found inspiration for his canvases worlds away on Skid Row. Painters render the subjects they…

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