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2018 Annual Guide: Truro

Francie Randolph Truro

Francie Randolph. Photo by Paige Biviano

A day in the life of: Francie Randolph, artist, co-founder of Truro Agricultural Fair and founder of Sustainable CAPE

By Julie Craven Wagner

Too often Truro is experienced as an “on-the-way” town, simply a pass-through connecting the towns of Wellfleet and Provincetown. Such an assumption would shortchange a visitor to the rich subtleties found in the fertile landscape of this Outer Cape hamlet. Francie Randolph, a mixed-media artist, moved to Truro 20 years ago and has been so transformed by the charms found in Truro that she has also transitioned her life’s focus from art to agriculture. Founder of Sustainable CAPE, she cites as her inspiration for starting the Truro Agricultural Fair in 2009 the experience of attending the annual Agricultural Fair while living on Martha’s Vineyard.

“Living on the Vineyard, you had all different kinds of friends. Every year at the fair you would see all of your friends, all of your favorite people: favorite artists, favorite writers, favorite fishermen, favorite farmers, favorite politicians. It was just a wonderful, wonderful event,” she recalls. Truro’s tercentennial set the stage for the first Truro Ag Fair, as Randolph and two other Truro residents, who also happened to be farmers, Stephanie Rein and David Dewitt, conceived of that first fair, making 100 posters and stapling them to telephone poles. The inaugural event experienced attendance of 2,500. “As an artist I knew how powerful this interest was. I was always trying to find special reasons for people to interconnect. The Ag Fair brought together thousands of people instead of a couple of hundred people who might attend one of my openings. Immediately I knew I had to explore the possibility of what this could become,” Randolph says.

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