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A Classic Collaboration

Harwich bathroom by Classic Kitchens & Interiors and JC Donald Company

Built-in cabinetry and mirrors contribute to the open, bright nature of the new master bathroom. The space achieves a refined feel, yet it’s not overdone.

A Harwich home is given a fresh start, thanks to thoughtful design by Classic Kitchens & Interiors and JC Donald Company

In July of 2017, Erik and Susan washed ashore from Sudbury, Massachusetts onto Harwich with the intention to stay forever and become area residents.

But just because the couple found the perfect location for their new home did not mean they were entirely content. Once they settled in, Erik and Susan decided that if they were going to be on Cape Cod, they needed to have the Cape Cod aesthetic. They sought to change their dark-wood, dark-tile-covered house into a custom, one-of-a-kind home that brought in the bright and open feeling of so many Cape houses. Their realtor gave them a recommendation of a contractor to reach out to should they ever want to change some things. That man, Don Connelly of JC Donald Company, happened to be the same man that built the original home in 1998. After seeking him out and then getting in contact with Barbara Darcy from Classic Kitchens & Interiors, the couple knew they were in good hands for a home makeover.

The saying goes that things always come full circle, and that could not be truer for Connelly. “It’s funny to see how times have changed,” he says. “Other people have lived there and made changes since then.”

The home renovation began with an investigation of some water damage in the shower area of the master bathroom. Upon realizing the damage went further than just the shower, the couple decided to take advantage of the need for construction to completely reconfigure the space. “Our objectives were to give a little bit of privacy to the toilet area, to move a wall by the closet, and to have a large vanity and make the room spacious enough for two people,” says Susan. “We wanted to make it more open, bright and cheerful.”

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