Author: John Greiner-Ferris

John Greiner-Ferris is a writer and playwright. He is the co-founder of Boston Public Works Theater Company and the founding artistic director at Alley Cat Theater. John has written many articles for Cape Cod LIFE over the years, including artist profiles for our annual Cape Cod ART issue.

Articles By Name:

Master and Commander: Cape Artisan Walter Baron

Boat builder Walter Baron stays grounded in his craft The unadorned sign reads, “Boats Built And Repaired” and a seven-digit…

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Magic Moments

A true Cape Cod tradition, the Chatham Band continues to strike a chord There is more than a bit of…

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Handcrafting history

  Sculptor David Lewis finds redemption in art Like many histories of families on Cape Cod, Osterville sculptor David Lewis’…

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Emerging Artists: Irene Lynch

Little art, lot of heart Artist Irene Lynch grew up on the beaches of Cape Cod. When she was 5…

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Emerging Artists: Alex Curtiss

Nurse puts her healing hands to work on the canvas When you are dealing with life and death situations on…

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Artist Profile: Julie Tremblay

Photographer Julie Tremblay never dreamed she’d own a successful gallery in Provincetown right in the middle of Commercial Street. After…

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Artist Profile: Thanassi

There is so much to keep up with when talking to Thanassi. He is a Provincetown bon vivant of the…

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Artist profile: Thomas Watson

When is a painting of a landscape not a landscape? Perhaps when the painting is really a memory of your…

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Artist profile: Deborah Quinn-Munson

Over the course of a career in painting spanning more than 40 years, Deborah Quinn-Munson says she continues to enjoy…

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