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Glassblower Bryan Randa shares his craft

Photo by Aly Hickey

“It’s unbelievable,” McDermott says of Randa’s work. “The thing that separates excellent glassmakers from good glassmakers is an eye – knowing exactly what the glass is going to do. A lot of people just don’t get that or develop it,” but to McDermott, Randa no doubt has that eye for such detail. Plus, “He’s just a great kid,” McDermott says, “respectful, honest, hardworking, talented – every positive superlative that you could possibly think of, that’s Bryan.”

Another positive superlative to add to that list: humble. “My detail and proportion – I feel like I’m decent at that,” Randa admits bashfully. “It’s hard,” he says of glassblowing. “You can’t just half do it. For me personally, it makes you want to come back and try it again and get better at it.” Also what keeps him coming back: “It’s fire – playing with fire, that’s really cool.”

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