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Building memories on Wequaquet Lake

Building Memories, Summer 2017 Cape Cod HOME |

The view from the back of the house is homeowner Simone’s favorite, as the roof peaks are an architectural nod to the dormer of her family’s beloved old cottage. Photo by Roe Osborn

Haig says it was important to maximize water views and create a sense of connection between every space possible and the lake. Views can be enjoyed from the kitchen and dining room; the master bedroom and its second-story loft, which Simone says is her favorite room in the house, as it provides her and Eric a cozy retreat from the hustle and bustle of the kids and their friends; the daughter’s bedroom, which includes a balcony (“My son let her choose the room, which was very nice,” Simone notes. “He might regret that.”); the second floor landing; and the living room—which opens into a screened-in porch. With retractable screens, the porch can be exposed completely to the backyard, letting in the natural breeze off the lake—and often eliminating the need for air conditioning. Separating the living room and screened-in porch is a NanaWall, which can be folded back to merge the two spaces into one massive indoor/outdoor living space. “We spend a lot of time in there,” Simone says of the screened porch. “We spend a lot of time there, too,” she adds, pointing outside.

Whether water skiing, tubing, paddleboarding or kayaking, Simone says her family and friends spend the better part of their days in Centerville on the lake. “The best part of this house is the location,” she says. “It also has the best exposure. We’ll be having dinner on the patio, and the sun is setting right there.” Another ideal spot to watch the sun set is from the swing on the outdoor porch, adjacent to the screened-in porch. (The swing can even serve as another bed for a guest.) From the backyard, Simone says she enjoys what is her favorite view of the house: the view from the water looking back. The three roof peaks on the backside are another of Haig’s architectural nods to the previous cottage, as they mimic the peak of the old dormer.

When thinking back on all of the years her family has spent in their Centerville cottage, Simone can’t help but be reminded of the special memories they’ve shared. One such memory is now bittersweet. Every July, Simone says the whole family comes to the cottage for a lobster bake to celebrate her daughter’s birthday. Last year was particularly special because Eric’s father, who passed away in September, was able to be there. “That was the only time he made it from his deck to our patio for her birthday dinner,” Simone says. “It was nice that this house was done in time for him to see it—he was very eager to see the finished thing, and he loved it.”

While this first summer without Eric’s father will be tough, Simone says there are still new memories to be made. “I’m just so happy to be here with my family.”

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