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Unique local vendors to make your next event special

Janice Kissinger

A special occasion — a wedding, a graduation, a milestone anniversary — they all cry for an outfit that not only flatters, but elicits a feeling that embodies your confidence and inner joy. That is exactly what Janice Kissinger’s unique designs do for women who have a reason to celebrate. Kissinger, a textile artist, starts by handcrafting fabric from luxurious sources like silk Indian saris and luxurious wools. “I consider each piece a composition, inspired by a single vintage silk,” Kissinger explains. “I then respond to that by adding my own hand-dyed silks and loose wool fibers, using traditional wet felting methods to build both the fabric and the finished garment simultaneously.”

One thing that makes Kissinger’s award-winning designs truly unique, (other than their one-of-a-kind distinction) is that they are not sewn together, but rather crafted and molded, yet seem to have the ability to flatter a variety of shapes and sizes. Make no mistake about it, these pieces are special; as they should be for the kind of events Kissinger’s clients repeatedly cite when making their choices, but they are not an overly wrought financial decision. “They definitely are not ‘off-the-rack’ pieces,” says Kissinger. “But they are similar in cost to what you would regularly find in any good boutique.” Instead, clients are often found looking for additional venues to wear their distinctive designs again and again.

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