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Closet design tips and trends from the pros

Closet design tips

Murphy beds by California Closets are the ultimate solution for spaces that have multipurpose needs—tilting down to accommodate out-of-town guests, and folding back up without interrupting the everyday functionality of your space. An expertly crafted wall bed respects the aesthetic and primary purpose of the room, allowing it to seamlessly serve two or more functions.

With all of the options for organization and convenience, why shouldn’t your closet be one of the best rooms in your house?

Be it a tiny space to hang coats or a luxury walk-in area to store a full wardrobe and dozens of absolutely necessary pairs of shoes, can you imagine a more personal room than a closet? If your closet walls could talk, they would likely have a lot to say.

In modern times, closets are recognized as organizational rooms—places to store clothes, shoes and other important items in a manner that is designed not only for order and ease of access but also for protecting and preserving the quality of the items inside. However, a closet can also be an intimate, highly personal room.

Turns out there’s a reason that closets are associated with privacy, that terms such as “closeted” are used to indicate a certain level of secrecy. The origins of the word “closet” are founded on meanings such as “secluded” or “enclosure,” and closets as a functional space were first introduced into medieval homes as locations to store important possessions or to escape for moments of solitude, secrecy and even prayer. This type of room, once designated as the most private area of a home, has since become a place for people to store the varying objects that make up their lives. You could learn a lot about someone by looking through their closet, and Cape Cod storage professionals agree that these special rooms should be personally suited to a customer’s lifestyle and, of course, always functional.

“A well-designed closet can streamline things and take the stress out of getting ready. If you’re lucky, it can be beautiful too,” says Laura Stafford, marketing and showroom display manager of California Closets in Hyannis. California Closets makes use of eight conveniently located, beautiful showrooms and innovative 3D design programs to ensure customers know exactly what they’re getting.

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