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Create your own family cookbook

Create your own family cookbook, Winter 2016 Cape Cod Home |

The staff at Cape Cod Life Publications got in on the cookbook-making fun, publishing our very own collection of recipes, From our HOME to yours. To learn more about our cookbook, email Bill Rice at

“Instead of having one person submit 100 recipes, you have 10 people submitting 10 recipes,” Rice says. “We were one of the first [online cookbook publishers] to actually focus on families and build a tool so that all family members could come in and do it,” adds Lowell, a Virginia-based marketing professional and web developer who designed the site’s cookbook software.

Once recipes are uploaded, users can design their cookbooks by choosing from a number of templates and covers; savvy designers can even create personalized covers and customize recipe layouts. Users can also add photos to accompany their recipes and include the stories behind the dishes. When it comes time to publish the book, Family Cookbook Project can handle the printing (the cost of each cookbook depends on the total page count). The company also has an app that allows users to access their recipes from their iPhone or Android devices.

A family cookbook can be a meaningful holiday gift. “People love to give a personalized gift,” Rice says. “What’s more personalized than sharing all your favorite foods—the foods that came from your family traditions—with people, other than actually cooking it for them?” Many customers also use the site to create cookbooks to sell at fundraisers, Rice says. “It’s something different,” he says, “and it’s a community project that brings everyone together as well as raises money.”

To learn more about the Great Family Cookbook Project, visit

Haley Cote is the staff writer for

Cape Cod Life Publications.

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