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Welcome to Main Street in Falmouth

Welcome to Main Street in Falmouth

By Matthew J. Gill / April 28, 2016

For two days last August, photographer Charles Sternaimolo and I explored Falmouth’s lovely Main Street, attempting to capture the color and charm of the village for the photo essay on the following pages. We took in some great sights and met a lot of interesting…

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Liz & Pete's Wedding in Provincetown

Unforgettable moments: 8 Cape venues & businesses share wedding stories

By Marina Davalos / April 27, 2016

It’s springtime on the Cape and Islands. The temperature is steadily rising, restaurants and resorts are reopening or reenergizing, and soon the summer will be here. Love, too, is in the air. The Cape and Islands are wonderful spots for weddings because the scenery, first&…

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Recent sunset over Buzzards Bay

The overwhelming power of natural beauty

By Brian Shortsleeve / April 27, 2016

My son Max called me from school recently and told me that one of his recent Cape Cod Life Facebook posts reached 102,000 people. It was one of our beautiful photos plus one of the quotes from our “Harboring Thoughts” collection. I am learning from…

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Liz & Pete's Wedding in Provincetown

Inspired by love, history & the sea

By Elizabeth O' Brien Betti / April 27, 2016

My husband Peter and I have always loved the stories of the days of whaling ships, sea captains and shipwrecks. Taking inspiration from these visions of old world New England, we celebrated the ocean-side Cape Cod wedding of our dreams last summer. Peter is as…

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Johnny Depp has played Jack Sparrow in several Pirates of the Caribbean films.

Dressed to inspire, astonish & impress

By Joe O'Shea / April 27, 2016

Heritage Museums & Gardens unveils fabulous movie costume exhibit for 2016 Love him or hate him—and most people love him—one of the most memorable movie characters of the 21st century is Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Brought to life …

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Provincetown native Donald MacMillan (1874-1970)

Donald MacMillan, Provincetown’s Heroic Explorer

By Mary Grauerholz / April 27, 2016

Remembering the man for whom MacMillan Pier is named MacMillan Pier (or Wharf) in Provincetown, home of one of the world’s natural deep-water harbors, is a familiar landmark to Cape Cod residents and tourists. Perhaps less well known is the person for whom the pier…

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The Changing Shape of Sandy Neck Beach Park, Barnstable & Sandwich

By Christopher Setterlund / April 25, 2016

Editor’s note: This is the 8th in a series of articles covering the region’s dramatically changing coastline. Click here to see all of the articles. Sandy Neck Beach Park encompasses more than 4,700 acres of land in West Barnstable (and a small portion in Sandwich)&helli…

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Great Island Trail, Welfleet

Get out there, hit the road and explore!

By Nancy White / April 25, 2016

Enjoy some fresh air and exercise on a scenic Cape and Islands day trip Day trips can arise spontaneously or are planned—and anticipated—weeks in advance; both scenarios offer opportunities to de-stress, disconnect and spend time outdoors. Naturally, Cape Cod and the Isl…

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The Golf Club Aerial View

Golfers might call this a safe approach

By Matthew J. Gill / April 25, 2016

With a change in ownership, many club members now own equity in TGC in Falmouth There are many fantastic golf courses on Cape Cod, the Islands and the South Shore, but there’s only one that goes by the name “The Golf Club.” Located in East…

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Craigville Beach in Centerville, MA

Memories of my first love: Craigville Beach

By Meredith Schulman / April 25, 2016

For a brief time in my life, Craigville Beach was synonymous with “Cape Cod.” Little did I know that eventually the area would become a lifelong touchstone. Perhaps they were crazy but on more than one steamy, humid Sunday, my folks would take us to…

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