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Helping clients build everlasting memories.

Dale Nikula, President of Encore Construction, worked for his father for many years before he founded his own company in 1995 as Dale R. Nikula Co., Inc. Dale had established a reputation as an outstanding carpenter, but clients quickly discovered that he was equally talented at leading people and projects. The company grew steadily as word spread about Dale’s high standards and commitment to his clients. In 2003, Dale renamed his company Encore Construction to reflect the team of carefully selected project managers, designers and crafts people that had joined him to serve customers.

In 2019, Dale announced the promotion of Kathy DeMeyer to co-owner of the construction company. She had been with Encore for 17 years prior to this promotion and continues to work to further elevate Encore’s reputation on the Cape as a go-to trusted construction partner.

Samantha Nikula, Dale’s daughter, has been on the construction site since she could walk, and has grown from administrative and marketing roles to helping with the design of homes today. “We’ve had a lot of people on our team for generations. There are employees that have been working with us for over 20 years. Everyone is so passionate at Encore, and I think that’s what translates to our clients,” Samantha says. Dale’s son, Ryan Nikula, also joined the Encore team in 2017 and is currently a Project Manager. 

Encore is a design/build/remodel company. They design most of the projects they build, as well as working with other architects and designers to help them build their projects. In all of their projects, Encore delivers a seamless experience for their clients. “We do everything from the ground up. What’s great about Encore is the processes we have in place, which help control design, budget and schedule,” Nikula explains. With a single point of contact, clients can eliminate the stress of coordinating with multiple firms.  

The firm specializes in everything from new builds to full scale remodels. With many homeowners wanting to stay in their current home, mostly due to location and the rising cost of home sales, the Encore team is well-versed in whole house remodels, whether staying within the same footprint, or adding additional space. “Remodeling someone’s home can be very personal. Our main job is listening to what the client needs and wants are, so we are able to help them transform their space to create everlasting memories for years to come,” says DeMeyer.

She continues by saying, “We look forward to working with clients that are as passionate as we are about what we do. Remodeling can be exciting and stressful at the same time. Our goal is to take the stressful part out of the equation, and let you enjoy the process. 



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