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With roots on the Cape and a lifetime of building experience, homeowners get the benefits.

As a melting pot of valued historic homes and elegant new construction—of residents whose passion for the area lasts a few short, hot months and those who make a commitment to this seaside locale year-round—there is perhaps no industry more integral to the Cape than the building community. It is the builders, architects, and designers who keep the wheels turning on this seaside locale, with their intrinsic understanding of the culture, history, and notorious beauty that makes the Cape so special. With both a personal and professional history that is intrinsically tied to the region, perhaps no one better understands the responsibility and honor of being a builder on Cape Cod than George Davis of George Davis, Inc. 

George Davis grew up spending nights and weekends working alongside his father on building projects. That penchant for hard work carried him into his college years where, from his dorm room at Babson College, he founded his own design, build, renovate firm, George Davis, Inc. Weekends, summers, and every free moment in between studies was dedicated to his business back in his hometown of Yarmouth. “I didn’t have much of a social life in college,” he jokes, but when you love what you do as Davis does, the phrase “all work and no play” doesn’t really apply. In fact, one of the standout elements of George Davis, Inc. is that everyone, from owner to field staff, truly cares about the people they work for and the projects they complete. 

“As a company, our culture is small and intimate. Our staff is very close and always accessible,” explains Davis. “When you call our office, someone will be there to answer the phone.” The flagship location for George Davis, Inc. is in a lovingly restored, mid-19th century building in the heart of Yarmouth. The business has also recently opened a second office in Orleans, and Davis hopes to continue to grow his company and his presence toward the lower Cape, while, of course, continuing to offer exceptional service to the mid Cape.

After 33 years of business, the George Davis team still bring passion and professionalism to every home they work on. “We do a variety of projects every year—from custom homes and whole home renovations to kitchens and bathrooms; each project is unique, which keeps it interesting,” he says. With such intricate architecture characterizing many homes across the region, Davis and his team have become adept at recognizing the intrinsic character of each project and reflecting the style of the house, the owner, and the neighborhood. “I’m particularly proud of projects where we add on to homes that are architecturally interesting or have a very specific style, like post-modern or a traditional Cape. It’s rewarding for us to add on to the home in such a way that it appreciates and honors the original style of the house as well as the flavor of the neighborhood.” 

As his business has grown over the years, from those early days at Babson College, one thing has remained essential for Davis: integrity. “It is intensely important that our clients feel like they enjoyed the experience of working with us and that they were treated fairly,” he says. “I really mean that. We’re proud of who we are.” 


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