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Generations of experience and a focus on quality are the core of Laplante Construction.

Laplante Construction, first under the leadership of Ray Laplante who started the company in 1964, and now with his son Bill at the helm, has been building homes of refined distinction for homeowners across the Baystate for over 50 years. The full-service construction firm offers design, construction and project management services for homeowners looking for a custom home. 

The company’s roots are in the western Massachusetts town of East Longmeadow, where Ray first started the company, and through the years as clients partnered with Laplante to build their executive homes in the suburbs of Springfield, Worcester and Hartford, it was a natural progression that the relationships would continue as clients acquired or built seasonal homes on the Cape. Now the company has a satellite office in Orleans with a full-time project manager and a busy slate of projects across Cape Cod. One aspect of Laplante’s exceptional construction is evident in the meticulously designed, crafted and installed cabinetry, built-ins and millwork that are found in each of their projects. An in-house mill shop is credited with the fine woodworking, which allows Laplante to efficiently implement their clients’ vision and specifications. That close and productive communication is not limited to the internal workings of the company, but also resonates within the relationships they have built with their established preferred partners. “We have a list of partners we can provide homeowners,” Bill Laplante explains. “They are professionals we not only work well with, but we have been working together for so long we have developed an efficient manner of communicating. In addition, over the years we have worked in collaboration with many of the notable architects and designers of our industry. Bottom line, we are able to work as a team to deliver the kinds of projects our clients expect.”

Laplante says clients today, especially in their seasonal residences, are looking for open floor plans that give a sense of spaciousness and light-filled energy, “But that doesn’t mean they don’t want cozy places to find a bit of peace and comfort. And of course today, everyone is looking for a place where they can work, but these spaces are not the formal home offices of the past, rather a dedicated corner or space where there is a clear surface to work with a laptop, a tablet and a phone. They don’t need much, and that way the space can have multiple functions.”

From one generation to the next, the Laplantes are passing on what they have learned to the benefit of their clients who are now sharing their beautiful homes with their next generations. “I look forward to every day,” Bill Laplante confesses. “I really do. I look forward to going to work every day, meeting new clients and helping people make their dream a reality.” 



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