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Cape Cod Life  /  June 2021 /

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Quality leather goods, hand-crafted on site.

Some people struggle to find their career path, but that was never the case for Moonshine Leather Company owner Mike Kline. While walking to school in Nashville, Ind., he stumbled upon his professional passion. 

“I used to walk by a leather craftsman’s shop every day,” recalls Kline. “One day I convinced him to take me on as an apprentice, and I’ve been making and selling leather goods ever since.”

Although Moonshine Leather is new to the Hyannis retail scene, the company’s roots extend back to 1992, when Kline founded the original Moonshine Leather in Indiana. He then launched Altai Leather Designs in Jerome, Ariz., in 2005, prior to opening Moonshine’s Main Street shop in 2019. 

All three retail locations have working leather studios in the back, where visitors will find Kline—or one of his four children—artfully hand-crafting new handbags, messenger bags, wallets, belts, hats and countless other leather accessories.

“Because our products are hand-made, each one is unique,” says Kline, who also handles custom orders. “I’ve found that our customers appreciate buying quality leather goods that are made in the U.S., and getting to meet the people who make them.” 

While the Klines are adept at crafting all goods sold in their shops, they’ve each developed areas of expertise. Sons Zach and Elias, who operate the Arizona business, specialize in belts. Mike, daughter Anya and son Jacob are the bag-makers who focus on the Hyannis shop’s growing business. 

“I bought my first hand-made bag, made of bison leather, at Moonshine,” says customer Anna Pancoast, owner of three Moonshine handbags. “Moonshine’s bags are very well made, and are more personal than designer bags. I find that there’s something different, a better energy, when you hold a hand-made bag. I also love the attention to detail at Moonshine, down to making sure that the metals used in the buckles and buttons match the leather.” 



578 Main Street, Hyannis

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