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Cape Cod Home  /  Summer 2021 /

Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

Spreading color and joy one home at a time.

For Trellis Home Design, color should be embraced in the home, rather than shied away from. In 2012, Allison Mattison founded Trellis Home Design Studio & Showroom out of Hingham, MA. A full-service residential design firm, Trellis specializes in crafting coastal, colorful spaces. The firm services the Boston area, South Shore, Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, as well as out of state projects ranging from Florida to Chicago. 

“My approach is really listening to the client and hearing how they live and what they love. Often, people come to me because they love color, but they’re afraid of how to incorporate it. It definitely has to be done in the right way, but it adds so much personality to a room,” Mattison shares. “Even a bit of color in a painting, and pulling from that color with a few accents makes a big difference,” she continues. Trellis Home Design handles an array of project sizes, from refurbishing a few rooms to designing an entire home.

In 2017, Mattison opened a retail design shop below her studio in downtown Hingham. The shop is a curated collection of custom furniture, upholstery, home accents, lighting and art, and offers customers a chance to tangibly experience Trellis’ style. “It’s a fun way to showcase our style. I buy what I love, from local products, like Jill Rosenwald, to vintage pieces. It’s unique items that you can’t find anywhere else,” she shares. The shop also carries their signature line of tassels, Trellis Home Design Tassels, designed by Mattison herself in a variety of colors.

Whether you’d like to redesign your home with Allison Mattison’s brilliance or pop into the storefront for distinctive home accents, Trellis Home Design has you covered. The studio and shop, located in downtown Hingham at 28 South Street, is open year-round for all of your design needs.