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Grand Slam

The home’s appointments called for spacious bedrooms for each of the three grown sons, with an eye on flexibility to accommodate the family as it may grow in the future. All three boys were accomplished athletes throughout their secondary school and college years, so weekends together translate into sports day and night, sometimes with different teams simultaneously playing on the various televisions throughout the home. A lower level with a comfortable and casual media room, home gym and walkout access and views to the backyard and Osterville’s West Bay, means that this franchise is ready to play despite the season.

In fact, no one could have predicted the 2020 season of the pandemic. The home had been completed less than a year before the world retreated to their homes, and for this family they were grateful to have a place where each of the grown boys could return, work remotely and gather together as a family. With all three boys at home, the bases were loaded and this family was uniquely positioned to appreciate this home base.

“We never imagined it, but we actually provided enough places for everyone to have their own space, at the same time in this home,” Classen explains. “They really felt lucky. As the spring gave way to summer it just made sense for them all to stay here and I think they were all grateful to not only have the time together, but a great place to do it.”

Most championship seasons celebrate with a parade, but given our current restrictive environment parades are not endorsed. For this dream team, their celebration by all accounts was something even better. The homeowner, who Classen suspects will embark on a catering career upon retirement, promised a spread unlike any other for the entire team and all of their families. 

“It was amazing,” LaMora confirms, whose entire team including his wife and business partner Alyssa, house carpenters and craftsmen, as well as a roster of trades played a critical role in the project.  “Every vendor, and their families were welcomed and thanked. It was a beautiful day, kids were in the pool, and running around, and of course there were games going on everywhere.”

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