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Harvest Gallery Wine Bar

A Work of Art

Harvest Gallery Wine Bar in Dennis is an oasis for the creative spirit, bringing together food, drink, art and entertainment in a way that is both mindful and astoundingly original: a true work of art

There is perhaps no better embodiment of Sam Feinstein’s poignant philosophy than Harvest Gallery Wine Bar. A student of Feinstein, Michael Pearson has created perhaps his finest masterpiece within the walls of a tiny art gallery in his hometown of Dennis. For the lover of art, food, drink, music and conversation, Harvest is a sanctuary—one that exudes as much love and careful consideration as it does talent and raw passion. 

For Pearson, Harvest is about creating a space where people feel comfortable and connected. “We want guests to have a good time, meet people and, above all, experience craftsmanship—from craft coffee to paintings to food, wine, beer and cocktails. Somebody put a lot of time and effort into making that.” A wall of photos of loved ones who have passed hangs behind the bar, reminding guests that Harvest is far more than an average restaurant. It’s a community.

The vision for Harvest came from Pearson’s early days as an artist and a family man. “I met the girl of my dreams and we moved to Oregon,” he explains. “There were a lot of galleries, a lot of wine bars, and this harmonious crowd that would bounce between the two.” Pearson was moved to find a way to meld his many passions into one unique space, and lucky for Cape Codders, he decided to create that space in the town where he grew up: Dennis. “We all survive the winters together, and thrive in the summers. There’s that collective appreciation for the area, and it really builds a cooperative spirit,” says Pearson. “And the talent on the Cape is just amazing.”

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