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Harvest Gallery Wine Bar

On the spirit of creativity, Sam Feinstein once said that paintings “are conceived to project their own expression, to radiate a specific presence… They are optical structures composed to touch the human spirit, to turn a rectangle into an evocation.” A true student of his, Pearson says that he likes to fill the walls of the gallery with “active art”—art that pushes out and catches the eye. “I feel like the spirit of art should really jump out at you and have this presence,” he says. “I’m always trying to find art that keeps you interested for weeks and months and years after you’ve first seen it.” 

It’s fitting that many of the art pieces throughout Harvest belong to Pearson’s past teachers—including Sam Feinstein and his high school art teacher, Robert Lavery—his friends, his many students, and of course himself. Almost like a mosaic of all the people and moments in time that have shaped Pearson’s own creativity, together the pieces are an active, ever-evolving representation of Pearson’s spirit and of the spirit of Harvest, vivacious and alive, just as Pearson believes art should be. “I love the idea that when you walk in here, the artwork’s placed in such a way that each piece talks to each other,” says Pearson.

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